To Your Health

I’ll scour the Internet for good health news that you can use now.

Here’s to your health - my new focus for The GOOD NEWSletter. As a techie, I’ve long embraced “militant optimism,” as stated in my inaugural Issue #1 — The Backstory. If you’ve been reading my newsletter for a while, you’ll note that most issues cover technological advances that MAY help our health and environment in the future.

Concerning drugs, I have bones to pick with Big Pharma, Big Ag(riculture), and the Medical-Industrial Complex. Therefore, my pivot will focus on the harmful health advice we’ve endured for decades and how I hope to steer you and me on the road to a long and healthy life.

I begin my pivot in Issue #56 To Your Health, where I introduce my credentials, a list of some essential topics I’ll be covering, and personal health data I plan to improve over the next several months. Every decision we or our doctors make for us has an enormous effect on our long-term health and happiness. I hope we will continue our journey together to make sure these decisions are based on the most recent proven research.

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